Shipping lumber regionally with a truck in Georgia

Five Reasons To Pick A Regional Trucking Company

If you’re looking for a trucking company that can provide quality service and timely deliveries, you should consider working with a regional trucking company. Regional companies specialize in freight within a specific region, which means they know the area well and can provide faster service than national companies. The best of these companies have years of experience and a proven track record of reliability. Here are five traits to look for when choosing a regional trucking company:
  1. Customer Service
Regional trucking companies have the advantage of knowing the area. The drivers know the roads and traffic patterns in their area, and the sales and support staff know the needs of nearby businesses better than a national provider. SunOne prides itself on a reputation for premier service and responsiveness. That means when a problem arises, and you talk to a real person who understands how to best help your company.
  1. Speed
Speed is always priority one when it comes to shipping. Having a trucking company based in your region means they can be on-site quicker for pickups and deliveries. Partnering with a company with a reputation for quick service and on-time deliveries means fewer headaches and happier customers.
  1. Experience
In trucking, as in all things, knowledge is earned. Having a freight partner who has experienced the bumps in the road, literally and figuratively, means flexibility and responsiveness are built into our core culture.
  1. Dependability and Dedication
Established trucking companies that operate regionally, like SunOne Logistics, have spent years building a reputation within their community. You can be confident that the company is dependable based on local word-of-mouth and reputation. The company will handle your load efficiently and safely every time.
  1. Supporting Your Community
Working with regional trucking companies serves as a reinvestment in your community. It builds local relationships and encourages local jobs. SunOne takes pride in being a good corporate citizen and supporting the growth of the areas we serve. Regional trucking companies offer several benefits over national providers, including speed, service, knowledge of the area, experience, and reliability. SunOne Logistics is proud to be one of the best regional trucking companies in the country. Contact us today for a free quote to discover how our years of experience providing quality service and on-time deliveries can help your business grow.